Privacy policy and Code of Practice


While using the services, the user accepts and authorizes BINBIT and its associates, affiliates, agents and subsidiaries to manage, use and communicate his/her private information for the creation of a data base, which will be always property of BINBIT, and will not be used on any matter contrary to the applicable laws or regulations.

The user hereby guarantees the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of his/her Personal Information.

All the data related to the user’s personal information in accordance to this policy, will be kept private by BINBIT.

BINBIT has adopted the security levels legally required to protect the user’s Personal Information, and has installed all the technical means and measures at its disposal to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and robbery of Personal Information facilitated to BINBIT. Nevertheless, the User must be aware that the security measures on Internet may be breached.

As required and persuant to the Nigerian Telecommunications Commission Cosnsumer Code of Practice Regulations 2007


Binbit Nigeria Limited (“Binbit”) is a company incorporated pursuant to the laws of Nigeria.

Binbit holds Value Added services (Content Services using short code numbers) license granted by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) under section 32 of the Nigeria Communications Act, 20013.

Binbit’s activities include the provision of Value Added Services to mobile telephone users in the form of entertainment contents, including but not limited to ringtones, wallpapers, images, applications, games, sounds and text services.

Binbit holds agreements with Nigeria’s principal mobile telephone services providers which enable Binbit to access mobile telephone users.


As provided by the NCC all licensed telecommunications service providers in Nigeria may provide a Consumer Code of Practice.

This Code of Practice is intended to provide the following:

- A general overview of the services Binbit offers to its clients.
- Certain information useful for Binbit’s clients, such as contact information, support, subscription or cancellation procedures, etc.
- Client’s rights in relation to the services provided by Binbit.
- Client’s obligations in relation to the services provided by Binbit.


The present code shall apply to Binbit’s services in Nigeria, which are provided pursuant to the NCC License.
The code shall be interpreted in conformity with any applicable norms, regulations or laws in Nigeria.


Binbit may modify or amend this code from time to time in conformity to its operations and pursuant to any applicable norms, regulations or laws in Nigeria.


Binbit provides a wide variety of services and products. Each service and/or product may have specific terms and conditions. Therefore, we encourage and request all users to read such terms and conditions before they subscribe to our services. It is the user’s responsibility to read the terms and conditions of any service thoroughly. Users must know some of our services may include automatic renewals. Services may also have different terms, some are daily services, and some may be monthly services. Service conditions may also vary from carrier to carrier.

Terms and Conditions

Binbit has a wide variety of entertainment services available to mobile telephone users, such as Ringtones, Ring back tones, games, applications, images, text services, news, and sports, among other contents. Our Services portfolio is constantly changing, always seeking to bring the best entertainment for its users.

Each one of our services will have specific terms and conditions. Such terms and conditions will establish important information, such as pricing, duration, subscription method, cancellation method, contact information, credits, delivery, among other conditions.

Our terms and conditions will abide by any applicable rules or guidelines set by any government authorities or by Mobile Telephone Operators.

Users that have subscribed to our services will be considered to have accepted the specific terms and conditions for the service. This also applies for corporate mobile telephone accounts.

Binbit services are only available for persons over 18 years or age.

Users may access our terms and conditions at any time at


All services provided by Binbit will be paid by users through their mobile telephone account credit. Upon request for Binbit’s services, user’s credit will be discounted/charged from/to their account. Credit shall be discounted immediately for pre-pay accounts. Credit shall be charged immediately for post-pay accounts and user will be obligated to pay such services along with his/her monthly telephone bill.

Binbit’s services are paid in advance, for the specific term of each service.

Intellectual Property (Content)

Any content made available through Binbit’s services may only be enjoyed by users for personal use.

Users may not modify, redistribute or share any content without the express written consent of Binbit.

Users may be held responsible for unauthorized use of the contents by a competent court of law.

Personal Information

Considering the importance of our client’s personal information, Binbit takes reasonable precautions properly handle and prevent unauthorized access or use of our client’s personal information.

Binbit will only use personal information from clients in accordance with all applicable laws in Nigeria.

When a user subscribes to our services, we may ask for personal information such as name, address, contact phone numbers and email address.

Binbit will only use personal information obtained from our users for:
• In connection to the services we provide (Charge, payment, etc.).
• Provide information to government authorities as required by law.
• Quality assurance purposes.
• Marketing other product or services provided by Binbit.
• Any other uses as permitted by law.

The personal information we obtain from our Users will be kept and stored (with all necessary precautions) in accordance to any applicable laws.

Binbit may amend its privacy policies at any time, always in compliance with applicable laws, and by providing notice to its users.


Any user may contact Binbit in relation to the service provided by Binbit. Any communication delivered to Binbit through authorized communication channels will be addressed within a reasonable timeframe.

Users may contact us by written communication, email or telephone.

Binbit appreciates any user feedback in order to improve its services continuously.

Binbit operates its support services during regular working hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) via telephone and outside working hours via e-mail.

Please be sure to have any required information available so we can promptly assist you. This will enable Binbit to process and resolve complaints faster.

Any support requests shall be resolved within a reasonable timeframe (As soon as possible). If any contingency cannot be resolved, Binbit will inform the User.

If Binbit requires to reach any of its users in connection to any issue related to the services, we will use the mobile telephone number registered in our records.

Binbit is aware of its legal and moral obligations to disabled customers. Binbit offers a number of different services for our clients with special needs. These services are designed to not only meet the demands of the current regulations, but to also enable Binbit to offer the best possible service to these clients.
Binbit can make available copies of this code of practice in larger print upon request from Binbit’s users.

Customer support processes shall be provided free of charge. However, we may impose a reasonable charge for complaint handling processes where investigation of the complaint requires the retrieval of records more than twelve (12) months old, and where that retrieval results in any incremental expense or significant inconvenience. Any such charges shall be identified, communicated and agreed with the user before we bill for it.

When there is an unresolved complaint or billing dispute, the consumer shall be obliged to make payment of any outstanding amounts other than the amount that is specifically in dispute. Binbit shall not impose any additional charges in form of credit management or interest while the dispute is being resolved.

Binbit shall from time to time and as may be required by NCC review our complaint handling process. Revised and updated information will be posted to our website:


Binbit will ensure our policies and our code comply with any applicable laws established by the NCC. Binbit will strive tirelessly to assure compliance to this code and assure the safekeeping of its user’s rights.

Binbit is committed to a constant and ongoing process of improvement in its operational performance, seeking not only to comply with legal or mandatory requirements but also proactively educate its employees regarding the code compliance and providing the required information to the Commission as at when needed.

Binbit is in full support and agrees to work with the Commission as well as customers to ensure that its services meet and even exceed developed standards and codes of conduct.

All complaints by consumers will first be lodged and dealt with by Binbit in accordance with this Code. Where a Consumer lodges a complaint with the NCC, the Commission will forward the complaint to Binbit for resolution in accordance with our complaint handling process detailed in this Code.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is empowered by law and is fully responsible for ensuring compliance as well as investigation into complaints or breach of code by either Nigeria, its customers or between Binbit and other providers.

Where there is a dispute between us that cannot be resolved within 60 days from the first date of lodging the complaint with us, you have the right to refer the matter to the Head, Consumer Affairs department of the Nigerian Communications Commission.

Binbit will treat any information concerning any complaint or compliance in confidence and will not disclose it to anyone except or in accordance with any instructions you have given us. However, there are circumstances in which we may be required by law to disclose information. Such requests normally come from Statutory Authorities, for example, Police Forces, EFCC and Excise etc. Any such disclosure will be strictly controlled and will be made fully in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Additional Information
Full details of our code and any other company policies can be made available by reaching us at:
Binbit Nigeria, Ltd. Suite 47,Block A, Ground Floor LSPC Shopping Complex, ObafemiAwolowo Way, AlausaIkeja. Lagos